Something I loved about today, which I do a lot actually, was walking on the street and deciding on a soundtrack for that moment.

I know that listening to music on your iPod is a pretty generic thing to do, but a. I am writing about the little things and b. There’s an intention behind the music.

So, when I go out of my house, based on the time of day, weather, location and mood – I choose what music to play. Then, this music becomes my day’s soundtrack (as if it was a movie scene…;-)). I do that in many situations – whenever I get a quite moment –  on vacation, hiking, walking, driving – I try to match music to the moment.

Today was a beautiful San Franciscan weekday and everyone was rushing to their busy life – not because of the lyrics but because of the energy of that song – my way-to-work’s soundtrack was:

And sometimes, I do the opposite – I hear a song and imagine what a TV/ movie scene or just a random place, with this song in the background, will look like.

It’s kinda cool – you should try it.


I teach Pilates. Sometimes, it turns out that I plan a really good class. And then – when I see my students progress, do great and enjoy it – it is one of the best feelings. So satisfying! Especially when I see them leave and I notice the difference in their posture and mood. It makes all the pressure of leaving work and preparing the session and the place – worth it. Love you girls, thanks for supporting and being so great!

Women exercising on yoga mats

I wanted to start a tradition where I write every day that I can about something I loved about that day.

After seeing this movie yesterday (Date Night with Steve Carell – cute movie,  nothing special) and based on the fact that I’ve been together with my husband for 9 years – I realized that there will be days that I will have to remind myself of the good stuff. This is why I want to be able to find something I love about every day.

So I start a tradition –

I’m going to try and write something, even a very small thing, that I love about every day.

So, what I love about today is that Stanley (our sweet little dog ) let me sleep till 10am… I know that it’s ridicules, it’s just that it’s rare… and it was so good 🙂

[picapp align=”right” wrap=”true” link=”term=sleep&iid=302657″ src=”0299/c2b1dfb2-5b24-45a9-b468-819af1aad9f6.jpg?adImageId=12324047&imageId=302657″ width=”500″ height=”333″ /]

This tradition may be more facebook or Twitter fitting because of the ‘1 line-short messaging’ nature of it. However, in facebook and Twitter it’s a ‘push’ to people kind of thing and if anyone ever wants to read my blog – I prefer it will be a ‘pull’ thing 🙂 So if you’re here – welcome and thanks for reading my thoughts 🙂