I follow Tony Hsieh and his happiness message. Recently, I was reading an interview where he talked about his new Delivering Happiness book and mentions the program of advance copy giveaway for bloggers of the new book.

Of course – I’m super excited but why would I deserve a free advance copy? Is it my nice happy personality? Is it the fact the I call myself Panda everywhere? Is it that I wrote about Zappos and the Happiness message in the past? Is it that I like shoes…? On the other hand – why not…?

I filled the form, expecting nothing really. and then… couple of days ago – the nice UPS guy knocks on my door and delivers happiness in a big envelope! I was approved to receive a copy! And there is a double surprise – I got 2 copies!!

So why the other copy? Because the Delivering Happiness book team lets me give one copy to my readers (kind of spread the happiness around thing :-)).

So who should I give it to?
I say lets play – Here’s a question –
Do you have a good story of how you delivered happiness?

If so, tell me your story in the comment section here and I will send one lucky reader my other copy for free!

Please share your story by Thursday, May 20th as I want to send the book out on Friday, May 21st, so you can have the chance to enjoy the “advance copy” factor πŸ™‚ (The book officially launches on June 7th).

Please share your happiness stories – I know you have some… πŸ™‚
Happy reading πŸ™‚