I wanted to start a tradition where I write every day that I can about something I loved about that day.

After seeing this movie yesterday (Date Night with Steve Carell – cute movie,  nothing special) and based on the fact that I’ve been together with my husband for 9 years – I realized that there will be days that I will have to remind myself of the good stuff. This is why I want to be able to find something I love about every day.

So I start a tradition –

I’m going to try and write something, even a very small thing, that I love about every day.

So, what I love about today is that Stanley (our sweet little dog ) let me sleep till 10am… I know that it’s ridicules, it’s just that it’s rare… and it was so good 🙂

[picapp align=”right” wrap=”true” link=”term=sleep&iid=302657″ src=”0299/c2b1dfb2-5b24-45a9-b468-819af1aad9f6.jpg?adImageId=12324047&imageId=302657″ width=”500″ height=”333″ /]

This tradition may be more facebook or Twitter fitting because of the ‘1 line-short messaging’ nature of it. However, in facebook and Twitter it’s a ‘push’ to people kind of thing and if anyone ever wants to read my blog – I prefer it will be a ‘pull’ thing 🙂 So if you’re here – welcome and thanks for reading my thoughts 🙂


9/11- Evening in Vietnam (Saigon). Thinking I’m seeing a horror movie about NY. Realizing it’s not a movie. Can’t find a TV channel in English (don’t understand French). Waking my husband up. He looks at the TV and tells me I shouldn’t watch scary movies because I can’t sleep afterwords. Oh. It’s not a movie. My husband: “mark my words – Osama Bin Ladden”. The rest is history.

I wanted to share this for a long time. Check out this great, simple yet sophisticated presentation about us and stuff by Annie Leonard.


I am committing to pay attention to the subject and concentrate on bigger more important things than stuff.

I went dancing last week. OK, not really dancing – more of a Zumba class in my gym. Anyway, it was enough to remind me that I miss dancing. So much! I felt like I’m breathing again (In a way, cause actually I kinda lost my breath…).

You have to understand, back in Israel I used to dance Salsa at least once a week. Hip Hop between 3-4 hours a week. Belly dancing – once a week and Jazz another hour a week. According to my calculations – it’s about 10 hours of dancing every week.

Since we arrived to SF, one of the prices we pay for not having a car, as far as I’m concerned, is not being able to go dancing freely. The studio that I want to go to is not in my part of town (ODC in the mission – BTW fantastic studio!). Taking the bus after work will take longer than the lesson itself… For Salsa – I guess I just don’t feel as safe and comfortable going alone to a Salsa club in SF as I am in Israel… And also – I still don’t have Salsa friends – so it’s just not the same!

Nevertheless, to allow myself breathing and doing one of the things I love most – I made a promise to myself – from today onwards I’m going to try and bring back dancing into my life. No excuses.

First step (well, more of a sit) has been done for me – my absolute FAVORITE show is back on TV – So you think you can dance! To start that off – Napoleon & Tabitha’s created choreography to Neo’s “Mad”- Awesome! Now I can’t wait to see Mia Michaels’ routines this season….

Keep on Dancing!

I recently joined the wonderful organization of Yoga Bear. This amazing group of people revolved around the great cause of providing cancer survivors with more opportunities for wellness and healing through the practice of yoga.

Since I am a Pilates instructor and in general a big believer that you can help yourself with being active, calm, strong and centered- I couldn’t help falling in love with Yoga Bear’s cause.

I am gradually becoming more and more involved and I feel like I found a great place to support and help. Few posts ago, I talked about happiness – part of it was being part of something bigger than yourself. Well, I found it. And it definitely makes me happy.

With health and inner strength,


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Last Friday was my Father’s Birthday. It was also the day that one of my best friends got married. And also the day that our family in Israel buried My Husband’s grandpa.

Celebrating with my dad – is something that I wish I could, but I know that my mom and their friends are taking good care of celebrating with him.

Not being in a good friend’s biggest day in her life (so far) is something that I assumed will have to happen at one point or another. Honestly, I didn’t think it will be that particular friend and this specific event. And honestly, it doesn’t make it less difficult or annoying. It doesn’t mean that I will ever forget the day that I wasn’t there. It doesn’t mean that it doesn’t put you in a spot that from now and forever you will be the person that wasn’t there. Even though I know that my friend is not mad, and I know that my friend knows that if I could, I would. I also know how disappointing it is. For everyone involved. And that it is probably something that will stay there.

And then there was Dani. The one thing that you can’t prepare. Or imagine. Or assume. Or want. Or believe. The one thing that makes you so sad. It’s not even the fact that you are not in Israel – You understand that you probably would not be able to change the reality. It’s just the fact that you weren’t there to help. Hold. Hug. Say.

We know that Dani wanted us to be happy. Wherever we are. No limits and no conditions. That’s just the way he was. Was. Past tense. So sad.

Cheers to the life we choose, to the choices we make. To being happy. All the things Dani wanted for us. We know you are there and can see that we are (trying our hardest to be) happy.

Salute Dadsi. Salute Coocka. Salute Saba Dani.

I love you all so much.

Moran,  San Francisco.

Saba Dani and us

Looking back on my post from the beginning of the season (http://digg.com/u13khC) – it was pretty clear who will make it far in the competition. Except from sweet Kris (the “dark horse”).

Today, I’m not even sure that the dark horse is not the one that should win…. (Please don’t kill me, just listen…)

I love Adam. Don’t get me wrong. I think he is amazing. But (Wait…) I also really really like Kris. In a way, I think he will have a better CD. Plus, what he did with “Heartless” was sick. You have to admit!

Also, I don’t think that Adam needs to win in order to make it. I think he already did. And will. And soon. And I feel like Kris kinda needs the boost of confidence…

So who will it be, America? The one that sings from the heart or the one that sings to the heart? The performer or the heartbreaker? The Guy-next-door or the Guy-liner? The one with the heart or the one with the even bigger heart?

Plus, I am still (and even more) convinced that Kara and I could have been good friends… BTW, Did you see her sing? http://www.karadioguardi.com/ She’s awesome!

And one more thing – What…..?? What?! Is it really him?? He looks so normal….. http://digg.com/u13kir