I went dancing last week. OK, not really dancing – more of a Zumba class in my gym. Anyway, it was enough to remind me that I miss dancing. So much! I felt like I’m breathing again (In a way, cause actually I kinda lost my breath…).

You have to understand, back in Israel I used to dance Salsa at least once a week. Hip Hop between 3-4 hours a week. Belly dancing – once a week and Jazz another hour a week. According to my calculations – it’s about 10 hours of dancing every week.

Since we arrived to SF, one of the prices we pay for not having a car, as far as I’m concerned, is not being able to go dancing freely. The studio that I want to go to is not in my part of town (ODC in the mission – BTW fantastic studio!). Taking the bus after work will take longer than the lesson itself… For Salsa – I guess I just don’t feel as safe and comfortable going alone to a Salsa club in SF as I am in Israel… And also – I still don’t have Salsa friends – so it’s just not the same!

Nevertheless, to allow myself breathing and doing one of the things I love most – I made a promise to myself – from today onwards I’m going to try and bring back dancing into my life. No excuses.

First step (well, more of a sit) has been done for me – my absolute FAVORITE show is back on TV – So you think you can dance! To start that off – Napoleon & Tabitha’s created choreography to Neo’s “Mad”- Awesome! Now I can’t wait to see Mia Michaels’ routines this season….

Keep on Dancing!


Looking back on my post from the beginning of the season ( – it was pretty clear who will make it far in the competition. Except from sweet Kris (the “dark horse”).

Today, I’m not even sure that the dark horse is not the one that should win…. (Please don’t kill me, just listen…)

I love Adam. Don’t get me wrong. I think he is amazing. But (Wait…) I also really really like Kris. In a way, I think he will have a better CD. Plus, what he did with “Heartless” was sick. You have to admit!

Also, I don’t think that Adam needs to win in order to make it. I think he already did. And will. And soon. And I feel like Kris kinda needs the boost of confidence…

So who will it be, America? The one that sings from the heart or the one that sings to the heart? The performer or the heartbreaker? The Guy-next-door or the Guy-liner? The one with the heart or the one with the even bigger heart?

Plus, I am still (and even more) convinced that Kara and I could have been good friends… BTW, Did you see her sing? She’s awesome!

And one more thing – What…..?? What?! Is it really him?? He looks so normal…..

So, few thoughts on American Idol:

I feel like Kara Dioguardi is an amazing addition to the judges! Did you ever have the feeling when you see someone and you just know that if you knew each other you would have been great friends? That’s how I feel about Kara! I just know it! So, if anyone who knows her happen to read this post… Pls make the intro 🙂

On another note, I think that the producers are totally tipping off Paula Abdul with facts about the contestants and their past songs. I think that they felt like no one quite understood what she was doing there for the last few seasons (except drinking what seems to be alcohol from an “innocent” looking Coca Cola cup). That’s why they decided to salvage her with making her look like a substantial contributor to the team. Apparently, comments about the contestants’ cloths and looks just weren’t enough any more… Anyway, whatever they are doing – it’s great and I actually love Paula’s “on the verge of tears” comments this season.

This year, American Idol has the strongest group (except you, Chris Daughtry and you, Elliott Yamin). So does Hell’s Kitchen, but that’s a different story. I adore Danny Gokey (and I also think he will be in the top 3). I love Adam Lambert – I feel like he is going to be the next Prince (the singer, not the king’s son ;-)) and of course, also a sure top 3. I love Allison Iraheta and I think Megan Joy is probably one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen (but what’s with all those Tattoo’s, sister?).

Oh… and can somebody please explain what’s with all those 21-23 year old moms…??

If you don’t live in the US of A, some of my posts might be spoilers for you.

I will try to warn you by saying “spoiler alert” in the title (but please come back to read after you’ve seen the episode).

If you decided to read anyway, please don’t hate me for knowing all through the season who Jason Mesnick, The Bachelor, chose…

(Don’t worry, there is no point in telling you now… it’s already over. and over again :-))

So, I haven’t been working for the last 18 months. I know that you probably think now.. Oh, that explains everything!

But it’s not! at least not all of it… 😉

For the last 18 months I became a Pilates Mat instructor, started an MFA program in the Academy of art University (Photography Major that became a Computer Arts New Media major with time), met some cool San Franciscan people and of course watched tons of movies and TV shows (more of it in the “about” category)

The records are:

1. Seeing 4 out of the 5 nominees for best movie category (The Oscars ’09) on the same day (I also broke my record of eating Popcorn that day)

2.Watching all 5 seasons of Nip/Tuck in 2 weeks!

3. Seeing a full season of 24 in 24 hours… (naaa… that didn’t happen!! I was kidding!! I swear!)

So, as you can see, I have been busy. That’s why I didn’t write back then. Now that I started working again I clearly have more time 😉

So, I hope you enjoy my blog. I’m already enjoying….

BTW, on my new job as an Account Manager in a great SEM agency in SF we have “fun” business cards. Over there, my title is “Account-Fu Panda”