Before I started reading the Delivering Happiness book I though it will be a business only book. However, I discovered a great story about life, development and processes. The book is interesting and funny at times, and especially very human.

It’s a very readable and personal and still manage to emphasize important enlightenment about companies and cultures. The first part that talks about Hsieh’s childhood entrepreneurial adventures suggest about future doings and how the future will look like for Hsieh. In a way – I wish I would have been this kid that keeps thinking outside of the box to find ways to make money and be independent.

I feel like this book is a great document of life lessons and process of thinking and creation. I salute people that can grow and learn from every life lesson.

The book conveys the idea that despite everything – there is no easy way. And no shortcuts. One usually needs to go through many obstacles, take a lot of hard decisions and be very persistent to succeed so in a way it’s a reality check for entrepreneurs and business owners out there. Generally – the book made me optimistic – believe in your way and work hard – the payoff will come.

As a business book – it looks like having a defined agenda for a company, exploring the implantation of 10 larger values to each department along with listening to people along the way and connecting to those around you is a pretty sure way to shape a company to success. Of course, if you can do that while perusing happiness for yourself and the people surrounding you – it’s a winner.

Kudos and congratulations on a great book and great story!

For all of you out there – the book is out there now – go and get it for yourselves to find out about another way of doing business:-)


I follow Tony Hsieh and his happiness message. Recently, I was reading an interview where he talked about his new Delivering Happiness book and mentions the program of advance copy giveaway for bloggers of the new book.

Of course – I’m super excited but why would I deserve a free advance copy? Is it my nice happy personality? Is it the fact the I call myself Panda everywhere? Is it that I wrote about Zappos and the Happiness message in the past? Is it that I like shoes…? On the other hand – why not…?

I filled the form, expecting nothing really. and then… couple of days ago – the nice UPS guy knocks on my door and delivers happiness in a big envelope! I was approved to receive a copy! And there is a double surprise – I got 2 copies!!

So why the other copy? Because the Delivering Happiness book team lets me give one copy to my readers (kind of spread the happiness around thing :-)).

So who should I give it to?
I say lets play – Here’s a question –
Do you have a good story of how you delivered happiness?

If so, tell me your story in the comment section here and I will send one lucky reader my other copy for free!

Please share your story by Thursday, May 20th as I want to send the book out on Friday, May 21st, so you can have the chance to enjoy the “advance copy” factor 🙂 (The book officially launches on June 7th).

Please share your happiness stories – I know you have some… 🙂
Happy reading 🙂

I wanted to share this for a long time. Check out this great, simple yet sophisticated presentation about us and stuff by Annie Leonard.

I am committing to pay attention to the subject and concentrate on bigger more important things than stuff.

I recently joined the wonderful organization of Yoga Bear. This amazing group of people revolved around the great cause of providing cancer survivors with more opportunities for wellness and healing through the practice of yoga.

Since I am a Pilates instructor and in general a big believer that you can help yourself with being active, calm, strong and centered- I couldn’t help falling in love with Yoga Bear’s cause.

I am gradually becoming more and more involved and I feel like I found a great place to support and help. Few posts ago, I talked about happiness – part of it was being part of something bigger than yourself. Well, I found it. And it definitely makes me happy.

With health and inner strength,


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So, you are probably asking yourself what’s these three got to do with each other. Let me explain. My Soul searching this weekend led to the understanding that I need to actively look (and find) my happiness. You probably think that Shoes- happiness is pretty obvious connection, right? Wrong!

It all starts with Zappos.

My lovely husband came back from a conference, enthusiastic about Zappos’ CEO, Tony Hsieh’s presentation. So I checked it out and then I got it!

This man researched Happiness!  He understood how important it is to identify the factors that lead to being happy. So he did. He is talking about work, but let me take it to life in general (if I may).

To make a long story short – there are 4 factors that determine a person’s happiness:

*Perceived control

*Perceived progress


*Vision/ Meaning (or, being part of something bigger than you).

Along with another great handbook I read this weekend it had a pretty deep impact on me. I had been self reflecting and thinking a lot this weekend. And I realized I lost myself. Hence, I decided to try and live my life with a slightly different perspective than the last few months. Certain aspects of my life were treated wrong (by me) and I am planning to change my ways. And I plan on trying asking myself the “happiness questions” about a lot of things that are going in my life. I will actively look (and find) my happiness (again).

In his presentation, he also mentions the full transparency and building relationships as core values. Truly awesome approach.

To sum it up- here’s my favorite quote from the presentation: “people may not remember exactly what you did or what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel”. SO TRUE.

More updates on my quest for happiness- to come. In the mean time –here’s a link to the Inspiring presentation:

BTW, Zappos sell shoes… That’s how shoes got into all of this.