Went dancing today. Took an Afro-Haitian class (for the second time in my life).
For an hour and a half – I was transformed to another land.

Live drums, understanding the dance and the story behind it. Learning about the culture and what’s behind the moves. and why. At one point it felt tribal, ceremonial. Like we’re all in Haiti, surrounding a bonfire… with the drums and the singing and the dancing. Amazing feeling that allows you to let go of everything and just surrender to the beat, music and feeling.

To give the credit – the instructor’s name is Michelle Martin and she teaches at Dance Mission, SF.


Just wanted to give an update about bringing dancing back. Few months ago I stated that I am missing dance in my life. Since then – I got back into Cuban Salsa dancing. Big time.
For the last 5 months I’ve been dancing 3-4 times a week. Taking classes – Hip Hop, Rumba, Salsa, Afro Haitian and of course social dancing in clubs.

It added so much into my life lately – it’s hard to even put it into words. Joy of life, Confidence, happiness and great friends.

Today, the thing I love is that feeling of coming home from dancing, so tired that I can barely even wash my face and yet so happy and light that I can’t fall asleep… All at the same time.

I went dancing last week. OK, not really dancing – more of a Zumba class in my gym. Anyway, it was enough to remind me that I miss dancing. So much! I felt like I’m breathing again (In a way, cause actually I kinda lost my breath…).

You have to understand, back in Israel I used to dance Salsa at least once a week. Hip Hop between 3-4 hours a week. Belly dancing – once a week and Jazz another hour a week. According to my calculations – it’s about 10 hours of dancing every week.

Since we arrived to SF, one of the prices we pay for not having a car, as far as I’m concerned, is not being able to go dancing freely. The studio that I want to go to is not in my part of town (ODC in the mission – BTW fantastic studio!). Taking the bus after work will take longer than the lesson itself… For Salsa – I guess I just don’t feel as safe and comfortable going alone to a Salsa club in SF as I am in Israel… And also – I still don’t have Salsa friends – so it’s just not the same!

Nevertheless, to allow myself breathing and doing one of the things I love most – I made a promise to myself – from today onwards I’m going to try and bring back dancing into my life. No excuses.

First step (well, more of a sit) has been done for me – my absolute FAVORITE show is back on TV – So you think you can dance! To start that off – Napoleon & Tabitha’s created choreography to Neo’s “Mad”- Awesome! Now I can’t wait to see Mia Michaels’ routines this season….

Keep on Dancing!