Before I started reading the Delivering Happiness book I though it will be a business only book. However, I discovered a great story about life, development and processes. The book is interesting and funny at times, and especially very human.

It’s a very readable and personal and still manage to emphasize important enlightenment about companies and cultures. The first part that talks about Hsieh’s childhood entrepreneurial adventures suggest about future doings and how the future will look like for Hsieh. In a way – I wish I would have been this kid that keeps thinking outside of the box to find ways to make money and be independent.

I feel like this book is a great document of life lessons and process of thinking and creation. I salute people that can grow and learn from every life lesson.

The book conveys the idea that despite everything – there is no easy way. And no shortcuts. One usually needs to go through many obstacles, take a lot of hard decisions and be very persistent to succeed so in a way it’s a reality check for entrepreneurs and business owners out there. Generally – the book made me optimistic – believe in your way and work hard – the payoff will come.

As a business book – it looks like having a defined agenda for a company, exploring the implantation of 10 larger values to each department along with listening to people along the way and connecting to those around you is a pretty sure way to shape a company to success. Of course, if you can do that while perusing happiness for yourself and the people surrounding you – it’s a winner.

Kudos and congratulations on a great book and great story!

For all of you out there – the book is out there now – go and get it for yourselves to find out about another way of doing business:-)