I went dancing last week. OK, not really dancing – more of a Zumba class in my gym. Anyway, it was enough to remind me that I miss dancing. So much! I felt like I’m breathing again (In a way, cause actually I kinda lost my breath…).

You have to understand, back in Israel I used to dance Salsa at least once a week. Hip Hop between 3-4 hours a week. Belly dancing – once a week and Jazz another hour a week. According to my calculations – it’s about 10 hours of dancing every week.

Since we arrived to SF, one of the prices we pay for not having a car, as far as I’m concerned, is not being able to go dancing freely. The studio that I want to go to is not in my part of town (ODC in the mission – BTW fantastic studio!). Taking the bus after work will take longer than the lesson itself… For Salsa – I guess I just don’t feel as safe and comfortable going alone to a Salsa club in SF as I am in Israel… And also – I still don’t have Salsa friends – so it’s just not the same!

Nevertheless, to allow myself breathing and doing one of the things I love most – I made a promise to myself – from today onwards I’m going to try and bring back dancing into my life. No excuses.

First step (well, more of a sit) has been done for me – my absolute FAVORITE show is back on TV – So you think you can dance! To start that off – Napoleon & Tabitha’s created choreography to Neo’s “Mad”- Awesome! Now I can’t wait to see Mia Michaels’ routines this season….

Keep on Dancing!