So, you are probably asking yourself what’s these three got to do with each other. Let me explain. My Soul searching this weekend led to the understanding that I need to actively look (and find) my happiness. You probably think that Shoes- happiness is pretty obvious connection, right? Wrong!

It all starts with Zappos.

My lovely husband came back from a conference, enthusiastic about Zappos’ CEO, Tony Hsieh’s presentation. So I checked it out and then I got it!

This man researched Happiness!  He understood how important it is to identify the factors that lead to being happy. So he did. He is talking about work, but let me take it to life in general (if I may).

To make a long story short – there are 4 factors that determine a person’s happiness:

*Perceived control

*Perceived progress


*Vision/ Meaning (or, being part of something bigger than you).

Along with another great handbook I read this weekend it had a pretty deep impact on me. I had been self reflecting and thinking a lot this weekend. And I realized I lost myself. Hence, I decided to try and live my life with a slightly different perspective than the last few months. Certain aspects of my life were treated wrong (by me) and I am planning to change my ways. And I plan on trying asking myself the “happiness questions” about a lot of things that are going in my life. I will actively look (and find) my happiness (again).

In his presentation, he also mentions the full transparency and building relationships as core values. Truly awesome approach.

To sum it up- here’s my favorite quote from the presentation: “people may not remember exactly what you did or what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel”. SO TRUE.

More updates on my quest for happiness- to come. In the mean time –here’s a link to the Inspiring presentation:

BTW, Zappos sell shoes… That’s how shoes got into all of this.