Before I started reading the Delivering Happiness book I though it will be a business only book. However, I discovered a great story about life, development and processes. The book is interesting and funny at times, and especially very human.

It’s a very readable and personal and still manage to emphasize important enlightenment about companies and cultures. The first part that talks about Hsieh’s childhood entrepreneurial adventures suggest about future doings and how the future will look like for Hsieh. In a way – I wish I would have been this kid that keeps thinking outside of the box to find ways to make money and be independent.

I feel like this book is a great document of life lessons and process of thinking and creation. I salute people that can grow and learn from every life lesson.

The book conveys the idea that despite everything – there is no easy way. And no shortcuts. One usually needs to go through many obstacles, take a lot of hard decisions and be very persistent to succeed so in a way it’s a reality check for entrepreneurs and business owners out there. Generally – the book made me optimistic – believe in your way and work hard – the payoff will come.

As a business book – it looks like having a defined agenda for a company, exploring the implantation of 10 larger values to each department along with listening to people along the way and connecting to those around you is a pretty sure way to shape a company to success. Of course, if you can do that while perusing happiness for yourself and the people surrounding you – it’s a winner.

Kudos and congratulations on a great book and great story!

For all of you out there – the book is out there now – go and get it for yourselves to find out about another way of doing business:-)

I follow Tony Hsieh and his happiness message. Recently, I was reading an interview where he talked about his new Delivering Happiness book and mentions the program of advance copy giveaway for bloggers of the new book.

Of course – I’m super excited but why would I deserve a free advance copy? Is it my nice happy personality? Is it the fact the I call myself Panda everywhere? Is it that I wrote about Zappos and the Happiness message in the past? Is it that I like shoes…? On the other hand – why not…?

I filled the form, expecting nothing really. and then… couple of days ago – the nice UPS guy knocks on my door and delivers happiness in a big envelope! I was approved to receive a copy! And there is a double surprise – I got 2 copies!!

So why the other copy? Because the Delivering Happiness book team lets me give one copy to my readers (kind of spread the happiness around thing :-)).

So who should I give it to?
I say lets play – Here’s a question –
Do you have a good story of how you delivered happiness?

If so, tell me your story in the comment section here and I will send one lucky reader my other copy for free!

Please share your story by Thursday, May 20th as I want to send the book out on Friday, May 21st, so you can have the chance to enjoy the “advance copy” factor 🙂 (The book officially launches on June 7th).

Please share your happiness stories – I know you have some… 🙂
Happy reading 🙂

Went dancing today. Took an Afro-Haitian class (for the second time in my life).
For an hour and a half – I was transformed to another land.

Live drums, understanding the dance and the story behind it. Learning about the culture and what’s behind the moves. and why. At one point it felt tribal, ceremonial. Like we’re all in Haiti, surrounding a bonfire… with the drums and the singing and the dancing. Amazing feeling that allows you to let go of everything and just surrender to the beat, music and feeling.

To give the credit – the instructor’s name is Michelle Martin and she teaches at Dance Mission, SF.

Today, Israelis are mentioning the most sad and sensitive day of the year: Israeli Fallen Soldiers and Victims of Terrorism Remembrance Day.
This is something that I will never get used to. Not being in Israel in this day, not listening to the radio in the car on the way to a memorial ceremony, imagining hugging my parents and friends….

There is something amazing in what’s going on in Israel on this day – the national shared feeling of support and “Shutafut goral” (שותפות גורל – Fate Sharing…kind of. There is no really good phrase in English…. That must mean something).

2 two-minutes sirens are heard, meant to allow having a united moment to think and remember together. Everything stops. Everything. work, cars, noise, talking, radio, TV… sometimes it seems that even animals and babies understands. This is the one that I could find to convey it:

Everybody knows (knew?) someone. close or far – a friend, a family member, someone from the scouts or the military service… My parents lost so many friends – it’s heartbreaking.

This year we remember 22,684 fallen ones (under those circumstances) since 1860. 111 Israelis since last year’s remembrance day.

On that note – if you haven’t seen the movie Waltz with Bashir I highly recommend it – if only to understand the devastating consequences of war on young soldiers, families and countries. and the craziness of it. It is, in A.O. Scott from the New York Times, words “A memoir, a history lesson, a combat picture, a piece of investigative journalism and an altogether amazing film”.

I am so sad to not be in Israel today. We remember and we say Izkor.

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Something I loved about today, which I do a lot actually, was walking on the street and deciding on a soundtrack for that moment.

I know that listening to music on your iPod is a pretty generic thing to do, but a. I am writing about the little things and b. There’s an intention behind the music.

So, when I go out of my house, based on the time of day, weather, location and mood – I choose what music to play. Then, this music becomes my day’s soundtrack (as if it was a movie scene…;-)). I do that in many situations – whenever I get a quite moment –  on vacation, hiking, walking, driving – I try to match music to the moment.

Today was a beautiful San Franciscan weekday and everyone was rushing to their busy life – not because of the lyrics but because of the energy of that song – my way-to-work’s soundtrack was:

And sometimes, I do the opposite – I hear a song and imagine what a TV/ movie scene or just a random place, with this song in the background, will look like.

It’s kinda cool – you should try it.

I teach Pilates. Sometimes, it turns out that I plan a really good class. And then – when I see my students progress, do great and enjoy it – it is one of the best feelings. So satisfying! Especially when I see them leave and I notice the difference in their posture and mood. It makes all the pressure of leaving work and preparing the session and the place – worth it. Love you girls, thanks for supporting and being so great!

Women exercising on yoga mats

Just wanted to give an update about bringing dancing back. Few months ago I stated that I am missing dance in my life. Since then – I got back into Cuban Salsa dancing. Big time.
For the last 5 months I’ve been dancing 3-4 times a week. Taking classes – Hip Hop, Rumba, Salsa, Afro Haitian and of course social dancing in clubs.

It added so much into my life lately – it’s hard to even put it into words. Joy of life, Confidence, happiness and great friends.

Today, the thing I love is that feeling of coming home from dancing, so tired that I can barely even wash my face and yet so happy and light that I can’t fall asleep… All at the same time.